Spring Break 2017 – California

March 18, 2017 – March 25, 2017

San Clemente, CA

San Diego, CA

Balboa Park, CA

La Jolla Beach, CA


Showdown Freshmen Photography Class

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Showdown Freshman is a sect of the children’s Summer acting camp, Showdown Theatre Academy. There are three sects: Showdown Junior (ages 6-10), Showdown Freshmen (ages 11-13), and Showdown Teen (ages 14-18). As a staff member for Showdown Junior and Showdown Freshmen, I was given the opportunity to teach any two fine arts classes of my choice. I chose to teach a photography class for the Freshmen, and a music class for the Junior. The photography class consisted of two parts; an in house lesson where we discuss the basic fundamentals of “good” photography, and a field day where the students get in small groups, each with one disposable camera, and they get to go out and take pictures within their groups. Meanwhile, I was there with my Cannon, taking their pictures.